We’ve all seen the “Corona Times” graphic they show on the news when it is time to be extra careful while driving. Now that this weather is finally showing signs of cooling off, it’s time we take a look at our checklist for road travel during these Corona Times! If you or someone in your family has been involved in an accident, call our firm today. Our accident lawyers can help.

What you need to know about Corona

When traveling in Corona during these hot weather conditions, it is important to have a checklist of things to keep in mind. Here are some tips to help you stay safe and comfortable on the road:

-Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and avoid becoming dehydrated. Avoid alcohol and energy drinks, as they will only make the heat worse.

-Stay aware: Make sure to keep an eye out for drivers who may be impaired by drugs or alcohol. If you feel unsafe, please call 9-1-1.

-Stay mobile: Plan ahead and pack a bag full of essentials such as sunscreen, water, snacks and a first aid kit in case of an emergency. Make sure your phone is fully charged and stocked with maps and directions.

-Take care when crossing streets: Always use caution when crossing streets, especially at busy intersections. Watch for cars coming from both directions and don’t hesitate to use the crosswalk if there is one available.

-Be aware of your surroundings: Be aware of your surroundings at all times and watch for any suspicious or unusual behavior. If you see anything that makes you concerned, please report it to authorities or contact your safety

Safety tips for a road trip

We all know that road trips can be a lot of fun, but they also come with their fair share of risks. Here are some safety tips to help make your trip as safe as possible:

-Make sure you have a full tank of gas. Road trips can be time consuming, and if you run out of gas, you may have to wait a long time for a tow truck.

-Plan your route ahead of time. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, try to find maps or online guides. Not only will this help you avoid getting lost, it will give you an idea of the scenic routes that are available.

-Be aware of traffic conditions. If there’s an accident or congestion on the road, don’t drive into it. Wait for conditions to clear before proceeding.

-Stay alert while driving. Keep your eyes peeled for changes in traffic patterns and signs warning of danger ahead. If something looks sketchy, please don’t hesitate to pull over and take appropriate precautions.

Mistakes to avoid while on a vacation

  1. Make a checklist of things you need to pack before you leave. This will make packing and unpacking much easier.
  2. Bring a map of your destination and directions to help you find your way around. If you’re renting a car, be sure to bring the rental agreement and driver’s license with you.
  3. Make sure your vehicle is in good working order before you leave. Fill up the gas tank, change the oil, and check the brakes (if applicable).
  4. Drive safely and avoid getting pulled over if possible – police officers can be quite strict when it comes to traffic violations while on vacation.
  5. Be aware of local customs – some people enjoy giving tourists the cold shoulder, so be prepared for some unexpected surprises!

How to avoid driving drunk

If you’re planning on driving during these Corona times, make sure to avoid driving drunk. Driving after consuming alcohol can be dangerous and lead to fines and possible jail time. If you’ve been drinking, make sure to designate a driver or take public transportation.

Tips for riding in traffic

There are always going to be some things you can do to make your ride in traffic a little bit less painful. Here are some tips to help you during these Corona times:

  1. Know the route you’re taking. If there are alternate routes that will get you where you need to go a little bit faster, take them! You won’t regret it.
  2. Plan your stops. If possible, try and plan your stops so that you can get out of the traffic as quickly as possible. This will help avoid bottlenecks and make your journey a little bit smoother overall.
  3. Ride defensively. Remember that other drivers are just as frustrated as you are, so don’t take unnecessary risks. Slow down and let other drivers go around you if necessary. You won’t regret it!

How to have fun on the road even if you don’t drink

Road trips can be a lot of fun without alcohol. Here are some ideas to help make your drive more enjoyable:

-Pack a picnic basket with snacks and drinks.
-Play music from your phone or MP3 player.
-Make a list of places you want to visit and plan the route ahead of time.
-Take scenic routes if you can.
-Stop at scenic overlooks, roadside attractions, or rest areas to take in the view.
-Pack a bag full of games, puzzles, and books to keep the kids entertained.


If you’re planning to hit the road in the next few weeks, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are five tips for road travel during these Corona times: 1. Budget for a few extra dollars

According to the AAA, summer travel is usually more expensive than it is in other seasons. It all depends on what kind of vehicle you’re driving and where you’re going, but as an example, gas prices are $3.79 a gallon in Lubbock while they are only $3.04 a gallon in San Diego. In addition to higher gasoline prices during summer season, the AAA also reported that seasonal road trips could cost you

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